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History of UTI US-64 & UTI ARS Bonds

UTI US-64 Unit Certificate

UTI US-64 Bond Certificate

History of UTI US-64 & UTI ARS Bonds

  1. In 1964, UTI launched Unit Scheme-64 – an equity Mutual Fund scheme
  2. Due to imprudent investment decisions taken by the UTI Fund Managers over the years, the US-64 unit scheme faced serious trouble
  3. In the year 2003, the Govt. bailed-out the hapless investors of US-64 Unit Scheme by giving them an option to either redeem at a fixed NAV or transfer the US-64 Units into US-64 Bonds for 5 years and earn a Tax-free 6.75% interest on the US-64 Bonds.
  4. The US-64 Bonds matured in June 2008
  5. UTI automatically redeemed the bonds where the holder was holding up to 200 bonds.
  6. Those holding more than 200 US-64 Bonds had to apply for redemption by submitting the original US-64 Bond certificates

UTI ARS Bond Certificate

UTI CGGF Certificate

A few UTI old schemes (eg. UTI Children’s Gift Growth Fund CGGF, UTI Rajlakshmi Scheme, UTI MIP) were converted into UTI ARS Bonds paying 6.6% p.a. tax-free interest (3.3% every 6 months). The UTI ARS bonds matured in April 2009.

Upon maturity of the UTI ARS Bonds on 1st April 2009, UTI paid the maturity amounts of these bonds as follows:

  1. For ARS bondholders who held up to 400 bonds (i.e. up to Rs. 40,000), the maturity amount was sent automatically to these bondholders.
  2. Those holding more than 400 UTI ARS Bonds were to submit the duly discharged original bond certificates to UTI.

UTI has periodically sent letters to the bondholders informing them about their unclaimed & matured UTI US-64 Bonds and UTI ARS Bonds. However, in many cases, the address of the bondholders have changed & therefore they are still unaware of their holdings in UTI Bonds.

Please visit your nearest UTI office with the original Certificates or with any other document that mentions the ID No. / Folio No. / Distinctive No. or Send Us A Query to check the status of the certificate

Other Old UTI Schemes

  • UTI Master share
  • UTI Master plus
  • UTI Monthly Income Plans (MIP)
  • UTI Mastergain 1992, etc.

Since these are invariably quite old investments, signature attestation from the unit/bondholders’ bank manager is required. Therefore, the first step is to get the signatures attested as per UTI’s format

If you feel you have any unclaimed amounts from your old UTI investments and would like assistance in encashing/ transferring these amounts to other UTI Schemes, please send us a query giving Scheme Name, Folio No./Certificate No./Distinctive No. and Holder Name.

Please note that we provide services to assist you in encashing/transferring your unclaimed maturity amounts to existing UTI Schemes from matured old UTI Bonds/Schemes. You can also approach UTI directly for claiming/transferring these amounts to other schemes. However, if you seek our assistance in completing the documentation for your claims/transfers, we will require service charges to be paid upfront.

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