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Want to Recover shares from IEPF / Get Duplicate Share Certificates issued / Apply for Transmission of shares?

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We will take an undated cheque towards the Service Charges and will present the cheque only after your claim has been processed successfully.

The actual expenses like Stamp Paper, Notary Charges, Advertisement charges (if any) etc. would however be needed to be paid at actuals

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Step 1

Contact the concerned Registrar of the Company. The contact details can be found on the Company website

Step 2

Email the scan of relevant share certificate (or any other document like Allotment Letter, Dividend Counterfoil, etc.) along with PAN / Death Certificate of the shareholder(s) and request for procedure

Step 3

Registrar will send you the procedure / documentation needed

Step 4

In case of shares in IEPF, create a Login ID at IEPF Portal and upload the required documents.

Step 5

Send physical documents to the Registrar / Company for verification

Service charges are not dependent on the value of shares

Often the procedure for Transmission to the joint holder or for issue of duplicate shares or for claiming the shares from IEPF are not dependent on the value of the shares in the Folio.

Then why should Service Charges be dependent on the value of shares in the Folio?

Vikram Sharma

I am extremely satisfied with the services rendered. I specially thank Ms Sabia c/o Deepam Marketing for her efforts ... professionalism advise and guidance in my financial matters concerning mutual funds. I wish her and the enterprise lot of success in future endeavours. Regards Dr. Prof. Vikram Sharma


Very happy with the services and follow up. Excellent service šŸ‘. Complete guidance and support.... My experience with Monica ji was very good. Wish her the best for the future. Keep it up.

Tapan Sharma

My experience with Deepam has been excellent, especially dealing with Sabia. Have lots of matters going on with ...them and Iā€™m sure with their support will have all my problems solved. They are good team Best Wishes for them, always šŸ™

Sangeeta Walecha

hanks to the team of Deepam marketing ... Specially I would like to thank Sarita mam for her great.. ...valuable nd quick support . God bless ..