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How Indexation Adjusts for Inflation and Benefits by Lowering Income Tax

Imagine the following scenario:
You invested in Rs. 1,00,000 exactly 1-year ago in a 366-day deposit.

Internal Rate of Return -IRR

Basics of Internal Rate of Return (Irr), Compounded Annual Growth Rate (Cagr)

How would you decide which of the following investment options offers the best Return on your investment?


How to Choose Between Public Provident Fund (Ppf) & Equity Linked Savings Scheme(Elss)

Those who are not covered by Employee Provident Fund & are lucky enough to avoid the trap laid by their Bank RMs & LIC Agents.

Liquid Funds

Liquid and Ultra Short Term Funds for Parking of Idle Money

Are You keeping more than 15-days’ requirement of funds in Savings / Current account?
If yes, you are losing out on an easy & virtually risk-free option to earn higher returns.

Compound Interest

How Compound Interest Influences an Investor’s Wealth Over Time

To build wealth, most people try to take short-cuts and end up wasting their time or squandering what little wealth they have.

Myopic Loss Aversion

When It Comes to Money We Forget Mathematics Myopic Loss Aversion

In primary school, we were taught that 100 Р100 = 0. But somehow, by the time we grow up, and the 100s in question are not just abstract numbers.

Yield vs Rate

Yield Vs Rate

To make their product look better than their competitors, some banks & Companies that solicit Fixed Deposits will put emphasis on Yield.

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